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Hello, there! My name is Brianna, but everyone calls me Bri. I'm a book lover that lives in San Francisco, CA, and I will literally read anything that I can get my hands on. My go-to genres are usually urban or epic fantasy, anything YA, classics, and popular fiction and non-fiction works. I love going to unique bookstores, and the ultimate happiness is sipping on a cup of tea or coffee, curled up on the couch in a blanket and reading a good book.

I tend to write reviews on books that I really enjoyed or books that I didn't. My reviews can sometimes be snarky and sarcastic, emotional, or just filled with love and mushiness. I'm usually just a laid-back, open-minded and friendly person, but I will get excited and fangirl about books like you wouldn't believe! I always try to be respectful of both authors and readers whose opinions are different from mine, and I love having in-depth. thoughtful book discussions. If you are a fellow book lover that is active on the site, please do not hesitate to reach out and say hi! :)

Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the Wolf - Terry Spear I try to avoid saying negative things about a book if I can, but it cannot be avoided in this case. I think the premise of the story was interesting, but with a romance focused solely on the physical aspects of a relationship/romance, I ended up not really caring for the main couple since I wasn't emotionally invested. Also, for being 100+ years old, Bella, the female lead, made some rather unwise decisions throughout the book that frustrated me.

However, I think the thing that bothered me the most was the writing. I found it to be choppy and uncomprehensive, escpecially during the action scenes. It was very hard to piece together what was happening and how things suddenly progressed with little to no explanation. Overall, the story/plot was a decent idea that just lacked follow-through. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll pick up the next book in the series.