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I tend to write reviews on books that I really enjoyed or books that I didn't. My reviews can sometimes be snarky and sarcastic, emotional, or just filled with love and mushiness. I'm usually just a laid-back, open-minded and friendly person, but I will get excited and fangirl about books like you wouldn't believe! I always try to be respectful of both authors and readers whose opinions are different from mine, and I love having in-depth. thoughtful book discussions. If you are a fellow book lover that is active on the site, please do not hesitate to reach out and say hi! :)

Caged Moon

Caged Moon - Rachel Deagan To say this book was a pleasant surprise is an understatement. When it comes to self-published books, I tend to be extremely reserved, and very few works have ever really captured my attention or left me satisfied when I turn the last page. Caged Moon is one of those rare exceptions. This is one of those books that keeps the reader engaged throughout the story. The plot is slowly revealed, with each new piece to the puzzle making you reanalyze your previous conclusions, and just when you think you have something figured out, you learn that you are so very wrong. I love books that make me keep guessing, and Caged Moon does exactly that. The werewolf elements of the story were obvious, but the main villains and their motive were kept under wraps very well.

I liked the characters, for the most part. There were a few moments where Charlotte was a little too recalcitrant and childish for my tastes, but overall, she was a decent lead. I really liked Liam, and I wish we could have learned more about him. A few hints to his past were brought out into the open, and I cannot help but be intrigued by his character. (There is just something about those werewolf boys… * swoony sigh*) Liam’s pack provided some much needed comedic relief amidst the unraveling plot/story, and I caught myself giggling at random times. Now onto the romance! Liam and Charlotte’s romance suffers heavily from insta-love. They fall in love in the matter of a few days, hardly knowing anything about each other, which was a little off-putting for me. However, I tried to tie their feelings for each other to the wolves inside them, and the insta-love became a bit more bearable. I did not fully buy into their love, but I am not one to turn away romantic scenes! :)

There is one thing final thing I want to mention. I tend to be a stickler for grammar and spelling, and this book does have a few cringe-worthy mistakes (in the first edition release). There were many absent/missing commas, and some pretty bad spelling errors, such as ‘overroad’ instead of ‘overrode’ and ‘wreaking’ instead of ‘reeking.’ I know I can be unnecessarily anal about these types of mistakes in books, especially considering this is a self-published work, but they just bug me. I know I am not the only one out there plagued by this grammarian disease, so I just wanted to ensure other knew about it before reading so they will not be overly critical.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read. It is rather short, so most will be able to finish it in 2-3 hours, which is all the more reason to read it. With a storyline that leaves you guessing with some rather romantic moments mixed in, what do you have to lose?