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Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes - Shannon Dittemore Well, this book definitely added some variety to my paranormal reads. Recently, having read series such as Hush, Hush, Halo, and Fallen, I have essentially avoided most books dealing with angels like the plague. Angel Eyes has restored some of my faith in angel-demon paranormal books. The story is refreshing and Dittemore adds her own flare to the proverbial angel story to make her own unique.

Angel Eyes was a good read. It has an intriguing plot, solid characters (including one guy who is swoon-worthy), and romance. The story is a bit confusing in the beginning, with Brielle being plagued by past events, and the reader does not find out what happened until a decent way into the book. However, once the backstory is provided, it is all systems go. The story gets more intense and a major plot line starts to develop (something which I will not spoil), and it definitely makes for a gripping read. I liked Dittemore’s explanation for the use of halos and how they can lead to advanced powers in people who are worthy to wield them. I also liked the characters, which were well-crafted, and I adored the romance. Jake is such an awesome male lead, and he had my attention from the get-go. As far as God and the religious aspects of this novel are concerned, I am not going to delve into them too much (it is probably best for me to keep things nice and simple, no?). For the first half to two-thirds of the novel, there are very few religious undertones, but there are many towards the end. I am going to leave it at that.

One thing that did bother me a bit was the conflicting character viewpoints. Overall, there are four main players in this novel: Brielle, Jake, Canaan, and Damien. Brielle, Canaan, and Damien all have their own viewpoints being told, yet Jake is the lone man out. Unlike the others, the reader never gets to hear any bits of the story from Jake (save the afterword, which was all of 2-3 pages). Why? I did not understand that. In addition, Brielle uses a first person point of view, but when Canaan and Damien’s viewpoint is being expressed, their voice is the third person perspective. I did not like this mash up between first and third person point of views. It is easier and less confusing to just stick with one of them. I think it would have been better to stick with Brielle’s perspective throughout the book and fill in the other missing pieces told from Canaan and Damien’s viewpoints through dialogue or something. It would have made for a more fluid read while not detracting from the story or any type of character development.

Overall, Angel Eyes was an interesting story with a new take on angels that I think anyone would enjoy. It is one of the better angel-related reads out there, so for those of you looking for a more original angelic story, look no further than Angel Eyes!