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Hello, there! My name is Brianna, but everyone calls me Bri. I'm a book lover that lives in San Francisco, CA, and I will literally read anything that I can get my hands on. My go-to genres are usually urban or epic fantasy, anything YA, classics, and popular fiction and non-fiction works. I love going to unique bookstores, and the ultimate happiness is sipping on a cup of tea or coffee, curled up on the couch in a blanket and reading a good book.

I tend to write reviews on books that I really enjoyed or books that I didn't. My reviews can sometimes be snarky and sarcastic, emotional, or just filled with love and mushiness. I'm usually just a laid-back, open-minded and friendly person, but I will get excited and fangirl about books like you wouldn't believe! I always try to be respectful of both authors and readers whose opinions are different from mine, and I love having in-depth. thoughtful book discussions. If you are a fellow book lover that is active on the site, please do not hesitate to reach out and say hi! :)

Empyreal Fate: A Llathalan Annal (Volume 1)

Empyreal Fate: A Llathalan Annal (Volume 1) - Rachel Hunter Empyreal Fate is a magical tale woven by Rachel Hunter, a teenager whose imagination knows no bounds. (Published teenager? Color me impressed!) She far surpasses others of her age by producing this beautiful and lyrical read, and this fantastical story grabbed my attention immediately and continued to hold it until the very last page.

Please pardon the following (and brief) fangirl moments! Moment #1: YAY for YA Epic Fantasy reads! There are not nearly enough out there, in my opinion. Moment #2: YAY for elves! I am ashamed hesitate to admit that whenever there is an elf in a book, they always look like Legolas in my head, regardless of character description. Seeing as to how Empyreal Fate is partially about elves, I kind of conjured up a world of Legolases! (I would totally live there!) Also, elves are also somewhat scarce in current YA literature, so that was just another thing I ended up appreciated about this book.

*ahem* Back to the topic at hand. There are so many things happening in this book, and I was very impressed by the tone and pacing of the story. The point of view changes multiple times, but each character’s voice is distinct. I felt like I got to understand all the characters, even the ones in the background. The world building was also fantastic, and I was thoroughly captivated by this elven/human land (Legolas land! :D) Packed full of political corruption and turmoil, epic battle scenes, a whirlwind romance, and elves, Empyreal Fate is a book you shouldn’t miss out on! I cannot wait to see what Ms. Hunter will have for us next!