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Fire Touched

Fire Touched - Patricia Briggs *Review below*

Ahh, yes, another Mercy book. We might have to wait another year, but at least the series is continuing!

*Happy and so excited!*

There are a couple things I would love to see happen in the next book/finally figure out:

1. I would love for Smurf Christy to make another appearance, just so Mercy can throwdown again.
2. Learn more about Mercy's lifespan (PLEASE let her actually be immortal!).
3. More Kyle, Warren, Ben, and Jesse moments.
4. Maybe a little something between Honey and Gary?? *wink wink*
5. Figure out why the Walking Stick is more like a Glue Stick when it comes to Mercy. Why does it like her and follow her around so much?
6. More of Mercy kicking supernatural butt.
7. And of course, more Adam and Mercy moments! And maybe a baby in the future (towards the end of the series)? Ms. Briggs has hinted at it! When asked about a potential Mercy-Adam baby, here is what Ms. Briggs said: "I would like to think that she and Adam have at least one child—but I’m still trying to figure out how that would work for future stories." YAY! I would love to have a mini Adam with Mercy's personality!.

But in any case, I'm just happy the series is continuing. You will always have a fan and willing reader in me, Ms. Briggs!

*9/15/2015 edit*
Man, that cover looks amazing! I love the artist (Daniel Dos Santos) who makes the Mercy covers! He is seriously talented, and his work on the Mercy series has yet to disappoint.

*3/17/2016 review*
The Mercy Thompson series has once again used the force. This was a really strong addition to the series, and it's very refreshing to see things get back on track.

Fire Touched focused mainly on the fae, and there was also an addition of some new, intriguing characters. (Not to mention it was also nice to see Mercy making more friends than enemies!) We are introduced to Aiden, the Fire Touched, a human who had been trapped in the fae world of Underhill for so long, he came out with the power to control fire. Underhill wants Aiden back, and the fae are also on the move to look to re-establish their dominance in the world. Mercy is thrown in the middle of this, and she and the pack must work to stop a war between the fae and humanity.

This book was more political and plot driven than some of the ones before it. The last couple have been very action-heavy with new game players being introduced, so it was quite nice to return to some of the characters and conflicts that had been part of the series initially. Also, the relationship between Adam and Mercy, while still protrayed in a positive, strong light, took a backburner to everything going on the book, and I think that ended up being a good thing. It was nice to see the main conflict/plot point be the core focus of the book, and I think it really helped restrengthen the series.

I'm still very curious about the Walking Stick. It had a large presence in this novel, but there is still so much mystery surrounding it! I'm unsure if things will ever be explained though with the fae artifact, since not even Mercy herself knows why it behaves the way it does or it's overall purpose. Plus, with the Walking Stick having 'died,' there probably won't be any enlightening information in the future novels... unless it comes back to life. O.O

While most of the points I wanted to see didn't happen (hopefully Christy will really be put in her place by Mercy in the next book!), there was still some quality moments between characters, strengthening relationships between characters and the pack, and some great Jesse moments. We can't always have it all, but I am more than happy to take what Briggs has provided. This is such an extraordinary, unique series, and I would recommend it anyone. I always say this for every book, but I can't wait to see what happens next. The Mercy Thompson series will hopefully not be ending any time soon.