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Hello, there! My name is Brianna, but everyone calls me Bri. I'm a book lover that lives in San Francisco, CA, and I will literally read anything that I can get my hands on. My go-to genres are usually urban or epic fantasy, anything YA, classics, and popular fiction and non-fiction works. I love going to unique bookstores, and the ultimate happiness is sipping on a cup of tea or coffee, curled up on the couch in a blanket and reading a good book.

I tend to write reviews on books that I really enjoyed or books that I didn't. My reviews can sometimes be snarky and sarcastic, emotional, or just filled with love and mushiness. I'm usually just a laid-back, open-minded and friendly person, but I will get excited and fangirl about books like you wouldn't believe! I always try to be respectful of both authors and readers whose opinions are different from mine, and I love having in-depth. thoughtful book discussions. If you are a fellow book lover that is active on the site, please do not hesitate to reach out and say hi! :)

Ta Ta for Now!

Ta Ta for Now! - Bethany Lopez This story reminded me what it felt like to be 14. There was no worrying about the future, your job, or any other stress-inducing pressures of life. The main thing on your mind was what to wear the next day or how to impress the good-looking boy who sat next to you in class. Lopez really captured the essence of what it means to be 14, and I really enjoyed this book (maybe more than I should have)!

Ta Ta for Now! tells the story of Melissa, a 14 year old ready to enter the world of high school. Melissa receives a journal for her birthday, and the story is told through her entries. Melissa mainly writes about her family and friends, and of course, the guy she is crushing on. She really wants to win the attention of senior Brian Jackson, and it reminded me a lot of the crush I had on a boy named Ian when I was her age. (Ahhh, memories.) Her voice is direct and her emotions and thoughts are very clear, making it easy to connect with her. There are also some humorous and emotional moments woven in intermittently, and overall, this was a really joyful read.

I do not want to give too much away about this book, but this is a quick, fun read, so you should definitely be sure to check it out! As mentioned, Lopez does well portraying the thoughts and feelings of a 14 year old, and it made me ridiculously nostalgic. I cannot wait for more of Melissa in the next book, XOXOXO! Ta Ta for Now!